Medical lab Technologists acquired skills on the use of LED-FM

Last week the Rwanda Biomedical Center/National Reference Laboratory (RBC/NRL) invited and trained 20 laboratory technologists from ten Centers for Diagnosis and Treatment (CDTs) that received recently the fluorescence microscopy.

In order to improve the accuracy of microscopic diagnosis of tuberculosis, the RBC/NRL-Microbiology unit has started phasing in the Light Emitting Diode Fluorescence Microscopy technique (LED-FM) and replace the old technique, Ziehl Nelsen (ZN). This activity has been implemented in more than 30% of health facilities with vision to replace the ZN method in all Centers for Diagnosis and Treatment.
The trainees acquired skills on the use, the regular preventive maintenance and troubleshooting of LED-FM technique.

In order to implement the LED-FM method, the laboratory technologists have to be sufficiently trained to use this new technique. After being trained, one of the participant, Bapfakururimi Louis, a Lab Technologist at Rutongo District Hospital said that the technique learnt is advantageous because it contains high sensitivity of detecting TB and reduces the time of examination up to 50%. The lab Technologists trained were from: Murunda, Rutongo, Mibilizi, Butaro, Ruhengeri, Gakoma, Ruli, Kibuye, Kirinda district hospitals and Rutare health center.