All NRL employees in refresher training on lab safety

First session of NRL staff in refresher training on lab safety
Two weeks ago, National Reference Laboratory(NRL) has organized a refresher training on lab safety that occurred in NRL conference room. As usual, the laboratory safety training is conducted at the beginning of employment and refresher trainings are conducted once a year .This training has gathered not only laboratory technologists but all employees including administrative staff, cleaners,…Each staff is excepted to adhere to safety rules .All NRL personnel must be trained to meet the legal requirements of environmental and health safety status.

The medical laboratories are a great source of infectious agents and can therefore pose great infectious disease risks to persons working in these laboratories. Laboratory safety is the key to reducing unintentional exposure. However, NRL personnel has learnt a lot : how they can protect themselves by using safety equipments, how they can report incidents,organize a safety audit,…

The laboratory biosafety as well as the lab biosecurity are important moments in the accreditation process.