Operational Research


Joint  Operational  Research  and  Knowledge  Sharing will finance operational research and knowledge sharing activities, which aim to evaluate  the  impact of the new TB diagnostic technologies, assess drug resistance patterns for endemic  diseases,  and  ascertain  feasibility  of  using  mobile  phone  technologies  for  surveillance reporting; and support regional coordination and program management functions.

Kenya  will lead  a regional working group on operational  research and work closely with ECSA-HC to develop standardized research protocols.

Operational Research
EAPHLN Malaria Proposal379.4 KiB2057
EAPHLN TB Proposal1.3 MiB1092
Final Proposal Enterics940.5 KiB1177
Priority Setting For Operational Research Report Feb 2011248.4 KiB468
The Meeting for The Regional Operational Research Report 06-12-121.1 MiB653

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