Introduction To ISO 15189 Sensitization Training Report1.2 MiB2180
Disease Surveillance
Communicable Disease Burden Kenya 2009 - 2013538.3 KiB1999
Report Of The First East African Community Epidemiological Symposium March 201373.4 KiB654
The Dengue Fever Response Report In Mandera East District2.4 MiB1053
EAPHLN ICT Standard Operating Procedures And Guidelines Manual3.1 MiB2267
Health Sector ICT Standards And Guidelines1.0 MiB1359
ICT Technical Working Group April 2011410.0 KiB763
ICT Assessment Report Kenya1.0 MiB1470
Kenya EMR Review Tool August 2011598.7 KiB750
Regional ICT Meeting Report - June 20133.4 MiB1453
Standards And Guidelines For EMR Systems2.1 MiB4203
Operational Research
EAPHLN Malaria Proposal379.4 KiB2057
EAPHLN TB Proposal1.3 MiB1092
Final Proposal Enterics940.5 KiB1177
Priority Setting For Operational Research Report Feb 2011248.4 KiB468
The Meeting for The Regional Operational Research Report 06-12-121.1 MiB653
EAPHLN Best Practices Lessons Learnt - 2011-2012 Financial Year286.6 KiB339
Quarterly Bulletins
1st Bulletin Release5.3 MiB662
2nd Bulletin Release1.4 MiB589
3rd Bulletin Release901.1 KiB680
4th Bulletin Release1.9 MiB1095
5th Bulletin Release2.8 MiB1054
6th Bulletin Release6.8 MiB976
7th Bulletin Release3.8 MiB3165
Lab Insight Pullout - March 20131.3 MiB870
Access To Health Services By Vulnerable And Marginalized Groups, A Kenya Case Study887.2 KiB1679
EAPHLN Project Planning Workshop 2013-14 Report581.3 KiB623
EAPHLNP Mentorship Training Report June 2012781.9 KiB1104
EAPHLNP Study of Human Resources For Health Kenya Report916.8 KiB2273
Introduction to ISO 15189 Sensitization Training Report1.2 MiB412
Laboratory Biorisk Management Training Report - May 2012684.1 KiB1981
Microsoft Training Report - June 12448.8 KiB890
PCU Support Supervision Supervision Report March 2012166.8 KiB1670
Regional Assessors Training Report - Oct 20121.3 MiB2150
Regional Research Methodology & Scientific Writing Training Report - Nov 2012730.5 KiB794
Report on Priority Setting for Operational Research, Feb 2011248.4 KiB537
Tenders and Opportunities
Consultancy in Training of FELTP and Lab Mgt students using Higher Education Institutions504.8 KiB540
Supply Installation Of LIMS Biddding Document April 20141.2 MiB647
Training Annoucement: Advanced Level Field Epidemiology527.9 KiB1514
Training and Capacity Building
Training Calendar For Medical Laboratories 2012-2013126.5 KiB957
Training Work Plan 2012-201374.2 KiB488
Training Work Plan 2012-201374.2 KiB486

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