Major Milestone: Public Health Laboratories Construction Begins

Major MilestonesThe World Bank East Africa Public Health Laboratory Networking Project had one it is components as regional diagnostics and surveillance capacity where the big sub component was constructing and renovations of public health laboratories at the six sites i.e. National Public Health Laboratory Services, Malindi, Busia, Kitale, Machakos and Wajir Satellite laboratories based at the district hospitals.

The construction work for establishing these state of the art public health laboratories commenced in March 2013 with official hand over of all constructions sites to the contractors who were selected in a competitive process. This is major milestone for the project and the first laboratories are expected to be up and running within the next ten or so months and the first laboratory to be fully functional by January 2014. In the last two months there has been notable progress in the construction and this been monitored by a team of Design Consultants,  National EAPHLN Project Coordination  team and Construction Managers and the Ministry of Public Works in addition to the Ministry of Health team at the district hospital and county structures.

The laboratories will be equipped with the latest new diagnostic technologies especially targeting detection, prevention and control of communicable and non-communicable diseases. The construction project and equipping of the laboratories investments will cost an estimate of Ksh 850 million (USD 10 million) for the next two years.

The satellite laboratories will be extension of the National Public Health Laboratory Services and will serve as centers of excellence as far training and research and issues of disease outbreak surveillance in the regional sites. In addition this is happening in all the five countries supported by the World Bank in establishing the same centers thereby creating a regional network of 32 public health laboratories to improve access to high quality diagnostic services among vulnerable populations living in cross border areas of Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi and beyond.

2 comments on “Major Milestone: Public Health Laboratories Construction Begins

  1. Edward, Nairobi says:

    Good Initiative to improve laboratory services in the region!

  2. hesbon kesis says:

    hope the satellite labs will give services of its own and quality of its a qualified lab tech i hope it will create job opportunity for locals.hesbon from BUSIA

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